Unleashing the creative mind

A Visual Journey into the Creative Process

Experience the beauty of fine art through the eyes of Angel. Join us on a visual journey as we explore the creative process of an Hispanic artist as he conceptualizes the external world. Experience the passion, dedication, and artistry that goes into each stroke of the brush, as you delve into the depths of this artist’s artistic journey.

the power of symbolism


Contemporary art has the power to challenge perceptions and invite reflection on the world around us. Angel’s work embodies this ethos, weaving together unique visual perspectives and personal narratives through carefully chosen symbols and imagery.

As a self-taught artist, Angel’s journey has been marked by experimentation, growth, and a deep commitment to his craft.

Tribute to the Mythological Galician Laundress

Alchemy Symbol for Water, associated with the Feminine, Mercury and the color blue. Resembles a Cup hoding water.


Depiction of a customized Galician petroglyph. Amazing examples of prehistoric Neolithic art, featuring intricate mazes and geometric symbols. These carvings provide valuable insights into the cultural and artistic traditions of ancient Galicia.


The White Wagtail, scientifically known as Motacilla alba, is commonly referred to as a “Lavandeira” due to its frequent presence along riverbanks and distinctive tail-wagging behavior.


Galician Mytholical Woman. The “lavandeira” appears at night at full moon by the river’s edge, where they wash stained sheets of blood that never disappear, asking passersby to help them to wrinkle the clothes they have just washed

Angel expertly blends the mythological and symbolic traditions of his Hispanic and Celtic heritage into his art. Each piece is a puzzle, with carefully crafted elements working together to create a larger narrative.

the creative process

Angel’s creative process is marked by an innate sense of balance and a willingness to integrate a profound study of composition and linear flow.

He draws inspiration from the world around him, considering the interplay of color, texture, and form in his pieces. Through a process of continual evolution, Angel has honed a visual language that is uniquely his own, weaving together themes and emotions that drive his work.

A Dynamic Visual Language

From an artistic perspective, his canvases reflect a deep engagement with his craft as he utilizes a range of mediums and techniques, each serving to further elaborate on his creative vision. Whether working with oil, acrylic, or mixed media, Angel’s process is marked by a sense of fluidity and a willingness to challenge conventional expectations.

the intersection of personal experience

At the heart of Angel’s artwork is a deep connection to personal experience and a commitment to exploring the essence of Hispanic culture, identity, and representation. Through his work, he studies which personal narratives intersect with broader cultural and social themes.

Angel’s paintings are marked by carefully crafted asymmetric compositions, often exploring unusual themes rooted in memories from his time growing up in Galicia, Spain. He invites the viewer to consider their own experiences and reflect on the world around them, inviting a deeper engagement with the work. Through his masterful use of color and form, Angel creates pieces that are at once visually stunning and emotionally impactful.

Whether viewed from the lens of contemporary art trends or as a reflection of Angel’s personal journey, his pieces are a testament to the power of art to challenge our perceptions and evoke new ways of thinking.