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Transcending REALISM

How Angel was able to break free from stylistic confines and created something truly original.

Angel’s journey from Realism into a new evolution of Cubism, has unlocked a new realm of creativity, leading to captivating and unique works of art that showcase a fresh approach to the style.


Built a Strong Foundation

He spent years honing his skills, perfecting the art of capturing the world around him in intricate detail.



While intrigged by the possibilities he didn’t abandon his realist roots entirely – instead, he sought to blend the best of both worlds into something truly unique.


Found HIS OWN voice

With time, he learned to trust his instincts, to follow his own muse, this allowed him to create art that truly reflected his unique perspective.


★★★★★ Masterful Use of Color and Texture

“I have had the pleasure of seeing Angel’s work in person, and I can honestly say that his textural paintings are even more breathtaking up close. His use of color and texture is amazing! .”  Lynda Nguyen

★★★★★ Enchanting Works Of ART

“Angel has a real gift for capturing the beauty of the world around us in a totally different way. His paintings are full of life and energy, and they always leave me feeling inspired.”  Hanna Johnson

★★★★★ Love it!

“I’ve always been a fan of cubism, but Angel’s take on the style is something truly special. He managed to breathe new life into it, making it more approachable and easy to digest ”  Vicky Rodriguez

★★★★★ Very Original and Creative

“I love how the lines in his paintings flow seamlessly into one another. It creates a sense of balance and energy that draws you in and keeps you engaged.” ”  Brandon Chen