Unleashing the creative mind

A Visual Journey into Angel’s Creative Process

Galician bagpiper dancing as he plays.

The Power
of Artistic Expression

Angel’s art offers a new lens to view the world, allowing us to communicate beyond words and connect on a deeper level. It also reminds us that creativity is an essential part of the human experience and has the power to move and inspire us.






Captivating Textures that bring the canvas to life

Angel is known for his bold and innovative approach to painting, consistently breaking the boundaries of traditional art. With a daring spirit and an unquenchable thirst for experimentation, he explores new and exciting techniques in his work.

Discovering layers of Hidden Meaning

Symbolism in painting can add depth to meaning, conveying complex ideas through visual metaphors. It creates strong emotions, evokes conversations, and universal experiences. It invites viewers to engage with the work, discovering its secrets and mysteries.

Conceptualizing the Beauty of Nature

By minimizing the visual language of Nature to its geometrical essence, Angel uses his canvases as celebration of the beauty of nature. The color and texture in his work serves as a reminder of the fragility of our planet and the urgent need to protect it for future generations.

cubism 2.0?

This website showcases the work of Angel, a contemporary artist who has taken the principles of Cubism and applied them in new and innovative ways. His work pushes the boundaries of  Cubism, and how he created a unique style that is both rooted in tradition, yet contemporary in its approach.


We are the brushstrokes that color the canvas of life, each one adding depth and meaning to the masterpiece that is our journey.”


the philosophy behind my art

From Tradition to Innovation: Harnessing the Power of Line Interaction.
As an artist, the strength and simplicity of lines have constantly been a source of fascination for me. While many take their power for granted, we must choose their interaction with care. They are the foundation that creates a clear and compelling narrative…

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