Discovering a Unique Style

Published: March 28, 2023



Angel’s journey as an artist began from a very early age, as a self-taught artist. Driven by a passion for the natural world and an insatiable curiosity, Angel focused his approach on building a solid foundation in traditional skills and design fundamentals.

From color theory to composition, perspective and anatomy. He realized that he could create works that guided the viewer’s eye and create a visual hierarchy that communicated his vision.

Anatomy Studies

Charcoal on Paper

This approach led him to develop a more realistic style, which he enjoyed. However, he soon realized that he wanted to push the boundaries of his art further.

He sought to innovate and experiment with new techniques and styles that would allow him to break free from the constraints of realism, creating something entirely his own.

Plein Air Color Study

By understanding this core principles he was able to break down his subjects into basic linear and geometric shapes. This approach also gave him the confidence to blend  and evolve as an artist, finding his own voice in a new style.

His goal was to push the boundaries of his art by creating something rooted in tradition yet entirely new.

Conceptualizing the Composition

The key was being able to conceptualize the form into cohesive compositions via linear flow. Using realism as the base, he was drawn to  bold lines and abstract shapes that would capture the essence of the subject beyond what was visible. In a similar manner that cubism challenged traditional notions of perspective and representation, but in a more approachable and relatable way.

He began to blend these new techniques with the realism he had always known, creating a style that was uniquely his own.

For Angel, the transition from realism to his new take on cubism felt like a natural evolution to the creative process. Over time, he began to see his vision take shape. He learned to trust his instincts, and push the style even further, creating art that truly reflected his unique perspective and aesthetic balance. The result was something truly special – a style that blended the realism he knew so well, with the bold vibrant energy of cubism.

Nostalgic memories of childhood travels.

Cubism 2.0

Today, Angel’s art reflects the many facets of his creative journey – from his self-taught beginnings to his years as a seasoned veteran of the design world, and his ongoing passion for the environment and the natural world. He continues to explore new techniques and styles, always driven by his love of art and his desire to create something truly original. And for those who experience his art, it is a testament to the power of perseverance, creativity, and the ongoing journey of artistic discovery.