My Art Philosophy

Published: February 21, 2023

From Tradition to Innovation: Harnessing the Power of Line Interaction.

As an artist, the strength and simplicity of lines have constantly been a source of fascination for me. While many take their power for granted, we must choose their interaction with care. They are the foundation that creates a clear and compelling narrative via form, depth, and movement.

One of my favorite quotes on the subject comes from the renowned French artist Henri Matisse:

“A line cannot exist alone; it always brings a companion along.”

It perfectly encapsulates the idea that, in order to achieve striking compositions, we need to enhance line interaction and flow. Through the years, that quote stuck in the back of my mind and propelled me to learn the language of lines.

While the Golden Ratio helps us with placement, a great composition is not just the sum of its lines. It is about how they interact as they flow and merge with each other. Randomly placed strokes alone cannot impart a sense of volume or dimension on their own. By interconnecting lines, we can then maximize their language and express multiple things at once.

Through experimentation and practice, I have developed a unique painting style that embodies these principles. Recycling the power of lines to create new shapes was the key.

When objects overlap, we can reuse the same strokes to convey an entirely new form from another. Utilizing less to convey more.

I see my work as an evolution of cubism that blends elements of realism, design fundamentals, and careful linear analysis to make it more relatable and impactful.

One thing that sets my work apart is the meticulous study and pursuit of asymmetric balance in my art. It pushes me to develop harmony in my paintings, while the lines draw the viewer’s eye through the composition.

This approach forces me to push the boundaries of traditional techniques and styles. This way, the viewer can engage and interpret it in their own way. I invite you to explore my work and see how my style continues to evolve.